Hunter Street: The Mystery of the Seven Scarabs

In Hunter Street: The Mystery of the Seven Scarabs game you will meet five children from the Hunter family. They recently moved to a new home. This place has brought many secrets and mysteries to the life of a large family. At first, the parents of the children disappeared, but the guys managed to find them. But this was only the first adventure.

This time, parents curated a new exhibition of Egyptian history. There were many artifacts, but the most valuable was the mask of the ancient Egyptian death god Anubis. On the night before the opening, she disappeared, and a scroll appeared in her place. It was written there that the guys should reveal the secret of the seven scarabs and find the beetles in order to return the mask. From this second our adventure begins!

You will wander around all the rooms of a large house in search of mysterious places and useful objects. For example, in the living room you need to take the key, open the cupboard and find a light bulb there. Then you need to turn off the light, screw the light bulb into the lamp and take the last piece of the puzzle. Now you can add the tangram and find the first scarab. At some levels, you need to turn off the lights periodically to find a useful item or puzzle with scarabs. Exciting adventures await you! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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