The Loud House: Cartoon Creator

Welcome to the loudest home in the Nickelodeon universe! But how could it be otherwise, if ten cheerful girls and one boy live there. Together with the ten younger sisters, Lincoln, as the only man, should always follow them and come up with games and entertainments to unite the girls. In a family of ten girls, disputes and disagreements are common. To unite the family, Lincoln must use all his imagination. With his optimism and natural luck, everything always turns out well!

In The Loud House: Cartoon Creator game, Lincoln will share with you his new idea. Today, the Loud family will be the main characters of the comics, and you will act as the author. First you need to create an avatar. You can create a guy who will become a real friend of Lincoln. If you prefer female characters, you can create a funny little girl. There will be five categories for this: body, face, hair, clothing and accessories. Once the new character is ready, you can start the comics. Before creating a new story in the life of Louds, you need to choose the number of windows for the comic: one window, four windows, or eight windows. Now it all depends on your imagination and talent. Enjoy The Loud House: Cartoon Creator game and good luck!

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