Super Hero Brawl 4

In the world of Nickelodeon is never boring! This time we will save the world. In Super Hero Brawl 4 you will present super hero. Someone dusted in a meal of local supermen sleeping pills and now tries to capture the planet, turning the rest of the Warriors in Super villains. Are you ready to prevent a catastrophe on a global scale? Then, forward a young hero! To start playing you need to select one of three modes: story, free play and fun. Then, you will choose a personal super hero.

The menu has the coolest characters. The remaining heroes Super Hero Brawl 4 you can open only when get a certain number of victories. In story mode you have to fight with the four heroes who turned into Super villains. Use all your power and strength to win. Free play mode, you can choose not only a hero, but the enemy, as well as the combat arena. In Fun mode, you will be able to choose some very interesting options. Save the planet and become a true hero of the Nickelodeon! Good luck!

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