Super Brawl World

Now you are waiting for the bout the coolest guys in the Super Brawl World game. Only here and now, you can become a true champion together with your favorite heroes. You can choose not only the protagonist, but also an ally who will come to your aid during the battle.

To start the game you should choose Brawlville PVP mode or Quick Brawl. Also, there is an option in the game Brawl TV where you can watch the battle other players. In Quick mode, Brawl, you’ll spend a few bouts with fighters and win items that will give you super powers. And here in Brawlville PVP mode, you can play a single battle and two rounds to win his place of honor in the Museum of Fame Nickelodeon. Become the most super steep hero in fighting Super Brawl World. Enjoyable game!

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