Rusty Rivets: Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the wonderful world of Nickelodeon. Many heroes live in this universe, and their life is always very stormy. Today we will visit Rusty. This boy is well versed in mechanics, despite his young age.

How to play

In Rusty Rivets: Scavenger Hunt game you have to find elements of a new robot that was developed by a boy. Something happened to the robot, and it lost some important details, without which it simply could not function. You will search for spare parts on the playing field. Be careful and try to quickly assemble not only spare parts, but also bolts with nuts. If you are at a dead end, you need to find a portal and it will take you to another place. Ahead of you are waiting for three mini-levels and a lot of positive. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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