Scary Brawl

All Nickelodeon characters get along well with each other. Therefore, they often invent different ways of hanging out. Besides rest in all favorite places, characters are engaged in sports together and often organize all kinds of competitions, serious and comic. Today in Scary Brawl they gathered not for the sake of competitions or merry picnic. They’re going to fight. Do not worry about them, the company just wants to relieve tension and is not going to bring the situation to injury! To do this, they will all decisively change the familiar images for the spectator. Among the participants of the future fights is Patrick with an unchanged friend SpongeBob.

Choose your favorite character in Scary Brawl and help him get ready to battle in several locations. For characters who do not have the experience of fights, it is difficult and you have to work out the exact reaction to the actions of the opponent. You can control the movements of the character and strike with the keyboard using cursor arrows. You have to make of harmless and inexperienced cartoon heroes of cool fighters! Act decisively and rigidly, only so become winners.

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