Sanjay and Craig: Rad-Awesome Roller Coaster

Meet Sanjay and Craig. This crazy couple just a single second can not stay in one place and constantly find adventure on his head. A twelve-year-old boy Sanjay with Indian roots, and Craig talking snake. Despite the natural differences between these guys became great insane tandem.

I would like you to have such close friends and every day get in absolutely unimaginable, but perky woes? Welcome to Sanjay and Craig: Rad-Awesome Roller Coaster game. Now would be a really cool and fun! You along with Sanjay and Craig will ride a mega steep slides in the crazy entertainment park. So you are ready? Then drove! You’ll race on Rails and inhale cold air which flows will hurtle you forward. Ahead you will find a variety of traps. You must jump over the burning cars with skeletons and skulls, slashing through Craig garbage cans, flying underwear and huge green monsters, low under the hands of skeletons and pink bunnies. In short, you need to be careful and to collect all the bonuses that you meet on the way. Have fun and good luck!

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