Pop Up Speedway

Zack and Quack inseparable friends. They live in a delightful paper world, where every day fun and interesting events occur. From Zack and Quack have best friend Kira. She is a true master of the paper cases. Kira could with scissors and paper do a lot of interesting things. Now you can get acquainted with cheerful cartoon Zack and Quack.

In the Pop Up Speedway game Zack and Kira will participate in the high-speed races and you’ll help them win. Ahead you will find fun and exciting race. Try to avoid various obstacles in the form of barrels spilled glue and other participants in the race. As much as possible to accelerate Zack and Kira must collect toy wind. When the light breezes is full, the machine will go forward at great speed. After passing the first stage races, you need a little tidy up your vehicle. Carefully wipe it with a sponge and wash. When it shines, you can go to the second stage of the Speedway. Show everyone who is the best racer of Nickelodeon. Good luck!

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