Paper Battle multiplayer

Paper Battle Multiplayer invites you to annual battles. Everyone is looking forward to this competition to determine the fighting qualities of the most famous heroes of Nickelodeon.

It turns out that the whole company of Nickelodeon characters likes active games and loud entertainment. Therefore, they hold competitions for a long time. And most often it is a Paper Battle, although not very serious. Nobody will allow to arrange such a stir and excitement in the studio, so the heroes had to find a more suitable and convenient place.

Nickelodeon: Paper Battle Multiplayer

You can choose your favorite character from the extensive collection. You just need to make a choice and go fight. Want to go there and take part in a Paper Battle? The more enemies you manage to hit, the higher your chances of winning. But try not to fall from these narrow platforms. Tactics depend on you, no need to constantly engage in a fight, sometimes it is more profitable to quickly escape.

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