Nickelodeon Racing Stars

Only here and only now in the Nickelodeon universe will mega cool racing begin. Everyone who takes first place at Nickelodeon Racing Stars will be the honorary champion of this year. All competitors are determined to win, which is very exciting. To start, choose your future race: fast race or grand prix. Next, you need to choose one of fourteen star characters. After that, you can turn your racing car into something special. Choose a body, spoiler, wheels and even a flag. Let this car speak for itself. And when everything is ready, it’s time to take a place at the start. During the race, try to overtake all rivals and come first. Along the way, you will find many obstacles that you need to get around so that no one has time to get ahead of you. After each victory, you will discover new parts for the car. This will serve as an additional incentive to victory.

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