Nickelodeon Hockey Stars

Now it will be very hot and this is despite the fact that we go on the ice. Restless inhabitants of Nickelodeon have prepared for all tournament Hockey Stars. In this incredible event will involve everyone cartoons heroes. Wanting to be very much. To become a participant of the tournament, you have to select your character. Here’s the only snag is that in the beginning you will be available to only a portion of the aforementioned players. To open the remaining need to properly work on ice.

In Nickelodeon Hockey Stars game you will have two game modes: tournament and quick match. Make a choice and go. Your team will have two players and the third will be goalkeeper. Rival in the team will be the same number of players. You should make every effort to win. Washer constantly should be in your field of vision. If the enemy didn’t you drive can crack his stick, and he will be put on hold for a couple seconds. As soon as the star in the upper-right corner of the fill, you can use the super powers. In addition to Super strength, you will be able to collect on ice bonuses that would be very useful. After each winning game, you’ll get new gear and other useful things. To beat the opposing team have to score them three washers. That’s when the time comes for the next Several commands. Good luck!

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