Nickelodeon Football Stars 2

Want to feel like a steep athlete? Then you can’t miss Nickelodeon Championship Cup. It will bring together all the sports stars of this colorful Universe. To start Nickelodeon Football Stars 2 game you need to select the mode: Championship or quick match. In the rapid match, you will play for the team of rivals to win the Championship, but everything is much steeper. Selecting your players, you play on a few matches to finish. But to start the game, you need to determine its character. You can choose from the most elite heroes of Nickelodeon.

Choose any character and forward on the field. You should carefully follow the ball and try to keep it out of the hands of its tenacious team. Your main task run at the end of the field the enemy. Then you count the goal. In no case allow rivals on their side, so they scored. Also, beware of the grass monsters and abysses. If the same opponents you clamped, you can hit and run farther. If the asterisk in the right corner is filled, the player may use your super powers. After each won a match, you will receive the items of equipment that will enhance the features of your character. Become Nickelodeon Football Stars 2 champions. Good luck!

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