Living Loud: Surprise Party

We are again visiting the loud Nickelodeon family! Today the guys will have a great Surprise Party! Today is the birthday of the older sister, and her younger brother and sisters decided to arrange a surprise. They decided to celebrate in the park and have a fun picnic. You must be well prepared for this!

Ahead of you is a fun quest. You will search for items and follow the instructions of the sisters. For example, so that the blanket is not carried away by the wind, you need to find four heavy objects and give them to Lisa. To do this, find a jar, a large stone, a log and a clay jug, and then give everything to Lisa. She will quickly put them on the plaid, and he will not fly away. After that, you can safely take on other tasks of the girls.

From time to time, you can change your character and play with other heroes to perform some action. After you complete all the tasks, you will have fun. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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