Living Loud: Lincoln’s List

Guys, now we go to visit Lincoln Loud. He lives in one of the noisiest houses in Nickelodeon. And all because in this house, in addition to Lincoln, ten of his younger sisters live. It is difficult to be the only brother and get along with many relatives in the same house. Relax and read the comics will not work.

In the Living Loud: Lincoln’s List game you are waiting for a very unusual task. To take a break from the sisters and enjoy reading your favorite comics alone, you need to make a list that will consist of the assignments of the sisters. You should take turns to go to each sister and talk to her. The girls will tell you what they need, but your job is to do it all. For example, to help Lana fix the pipe, Lincoln needed to find an adjustable wrench and open all the valves — from the first to the fifth. When all the tasks are completed, it’s time to go to Leni and complete the last task. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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