The Loud House: Lights Out

This house is always very loud. Imagine there are eleven kids: ten girls and one boy named Lincoln. But once in the house it became quiet. Everyone went about their business as usual, and for some reason the lights went out. Lincoln, as the only man, must now go down to the basement and solve the problem. You have to do it quickly, because girls are afraid of the dark.

In The Loud House: Lights Out game, you and Lincoln will explore this loud house. First you will find yourself in the room of the older sister Lori. So that girls are not afraid, you need to find objects that emit light and give them to girls. Find the phone on the armchair and give it to the younger sister so that she is not afraid. Then find Lincoln’s best friend named Clyde and continue your search. You are waiting for a small search for the rest of the rooms. To go further, you must connect wit, and you can fix the breakage in the shield. You are ready? Then make this house joyful and loud again! Have a nice game!

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