Invader ZIM: The Doom Game

The world of Nickelodeon is full of all kinds of personalities. Here you will meet heroes, villains, daredevils, funny characters and many others. Now we will meet one of the funniest ZIM villains. Invader ZIM, as he calls himself, dreams of destroying the Earth and is doing everything for it. But, as we already understand, he will not succeed. He often gets into funny situations.

How to play?

In Invader ZIM: The Doom Game you have to go through a small quest with ZIM and his partner robot GIR. You need to complete four basic missions to complete the game. It will not be very simple, but very fun. You can choose a character to play as needed, because each of them has its own characteristics.

For example, ZIM can attack robots and destroy them, but is afraid of children, puddles and food of earthlings. GIR loves earthly sweets, but is afraid of robots, puddles and has a weak charge. To make up for lost energy and regain strength, he needs to sleep. Collect useful items. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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