Henry Danger: Day of Danger

In Henry Danger: Day of Danger game you will turn into a young hero who is not afraid of any difficulties. Your hero fights evil and defends his hometown from villains. This time, the criminals managed to have a good night in the city and make a real nightmare. Now you need to fix everything until the city is in complete chaos. To do this, Henry must complete five missions: find a flask with a chewing gum of a superhero and fifty coins, defuse a bomb, save Piper, give away CDs, and also destroy a computer virus. An ordinary person cannot overcome such difficulties, but you will cope with them.

First of all, go in search of chewing gum. She will help turn into a superhero who can kick the ears of the enemy. There will be many hungry dinosaurs, crazy birds, viral holograms and bandits around, who will need to be carefully beaten. Use the map to control your movement and find all the targets. Save the city from criminals and restore peace and quiet!

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