Henry Danger: Danger Trials

The fate of the hero is not easy! Every day chases, fights and adventures. But if you are a hero, then you are capable of much and there is simply no time to complain about fate. In Henry Danger: Danger Trials game, you, together with a young superhero, will train and improve your abilities and combat skills. To do this, you need to go to a special training laboratory, where simulators for conventional and virtual training were built specifically for Henry.

How to play Henry Danger: Danger Trials

In total, four mini-games are waiting for you: Photon Synthesis, a thunderstorm of villains, Look Don’t Fall and dexterous hands. These simulators are already quite eloquently declaring themselves, but let’s see a little. In dexterous hands, you need to send a chicken with a color indicator to a portal of the same color. In the Photon Synthesis mini-game, you need to think a little and deal with the photons of light. In a thunderstorm of villains you have to kick the ears of criminals. But in the Look Don’t Fall mini-game, you need to move with the help of special beams that are instantly fixed on any surface. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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