Henry Danger: Cartoon Creator

Guys, now we are going to the city where the most famous heroes Nickelodeon Captain Man and Kid Danger live. Together, they confront the villains who are constantly plotting and trying to capture the city. It’s not that simple, but they are both strong! Today there will be no crazy chases and dangerous adventures.

In Henry Danger: Cartoon Creator game you must demonstrate your creative side and introduce yourself as the author of the cartoon. First you need to create an avatar that will represent you. Imagine that you are a beginner superhero, and you need to choose a costume for yourself that will complement the heroic style of a future legend. To do this, you will have everything you need: hairstyles, skin color, cool clothes. After that, you can safely start creating a cartoon. It can consist of one, four or eight panels. It all depends on your story. Choose characters, landscapes, funny backgrounds, unusual bubbles, avatars and texts.
Enjoy the game and good luck!

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