Fairies of Fury

Timmy Turner lives an ordinary life ten years boys. He goes to school, brooks school bullies, teaches lessons and communicate with friends. That’s just nobody knows that his best friends is a couple of fairies. One of them is very sensible Government and rational, and second its the complete opposite. Timmy often gets into a nasty situation. As it turned out, however, and now. Once Timmy mentioned that would be the same steep as Nickelodeon heroes. As soon as it heard the fairy all at once it became clear that now something will. He turned in a huge Timmy fighter and announced that the ultimate fighting Championship Fairies of Fury opened. What will happen now? Here can not do without your help.

In Fairies of Fury game you must choose one of four fighters and join in the battle with all opponents. To defeat the enemy you need to survive in two rounds. Let all the inhabitants of Nickelodeon knows that you are the strongest!

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