Extreme Cardboard Racing

Welcome to the annual Extreme Cardboard Racing. This time in the race will take part the guys from the cheerful family Loud from the cartoon “The Loud House”. These children know a lot about fun, so they definitely will not be bored! They are already arguing with might and main who will be the first to sit behind the wheel and conquer all the tracks. Motors roar, the crowd rejoices and everyone is waiting for the start!

How to play?

In Extreme Cardboard Racing game you will become a cool racer and prove to everyone that you are hard to beat. Before starting the game, you must choose a racer. Once the driver is selected, it is time to choose one of the three tracks. Now you just need to win!

Such an experienced professional can easily bypass the enemy and leave him far behind so that he can swallow the dust behind your wheels. You need to deftly maneuver among obstacles and overcome sharp turns. Try to get on all boosters to overtake the enemy. You need to drive the first three laps, and then you win.

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