Eggcellent Match

In the Nickelodeon universe everyone loves the holidays. They are funny, noisy and with different competitions and tasks. Favorite spring holiday – Easter. On this day, adults hide colored eggs in the yard, and the children happily go in search of them. The heroes of the most popular cartoons and fun shows Nickelodeon do not stand aside and continue the festive tradition. Want to join them? Then welcome to the fun Eggcellent Match game!

How to play?

Now you will not look for Easter eggs in the yard, and a little different entertainment awaits you. You have to look for paired eggs with cartoon celebrities.

Before launching the Eggcellent Match game, you can select the difficulty mode: easy, medium or difficult. The time that will be devoted to finding eggs depends on this. As soon as you click on the start, a playing field with Easter eggs will appear in front of you. After a few seconds, they will be hidden, and you need to remember them in order to find them later. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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