Henry Danger: Crime Travelers

Want to feel like a real hero? Then you need to join the Captain Man team and his assistant Kid Danger. These guys always find a way out of difficult situations, defeat evil and save the world.

How to play

In Henry Danger: Crime Travelers game you have to help the heroes cope with the villains and save the planet. To do this, you need to create a comic book and place the pictures so that Captain Man and Kid Danger can help each other and punish criminals. Time Jerker created a time machine, and all the villains moved in time. Now you need to urgently save the situation and prevent the villains from changing the future and the past. Captain Man and Kid Danger embark on amazing adventures in time and space. There are five levels in total. You will go to the Wild West, to prehistoric Egypt, the Middle Ages, the Future, and to prehistoric times when dinosaurs still lived on Earth. At each level, you need to choose the right combination of pictures and arrange them so as to defeat the enemies and save the world again. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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