The Loud House: Clean-O-Clock

In a house where eleven children live, it is never quiet and clean! To restore cleanliness and order in the house, you need to bring a full staff of cleaners or make the children personally feel the nuances of cleaning after the chaos that they constantly arrange.

How to play

In The Loud House: Clean-O-Clock game, you go to family home and help the children clean. Although, if you think about it, the main thing is that everyone in the family should be happy. So you need to combine this. First, all work rests with Lincoln and Lori. Children should clean the rooms while their parents are not at home. You will have exactly two minutes for everything. Keep a close eye on what Lincoln and Lori need to do. This will be shown in the pictures above the head. For example, for Lincoln to read the comic, you must first click on the boy, and then on the comic. The next day, the number of children will increase, as will homework. The more work you do, the more likely your parents will be happy. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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