Block Party 2

What party can do without cool games? Especially when it comes to parties in the Nickelodeon world. We want to invite you to one of the parties. Welcome to Block Party 2 game. Now it will be a lot of fun! First of all, to start playing, you need to choose one of four cool game boards. Then you need to choose the duration of the game: fast, medium or long. After that there will be the most interesting choice. You need to choose a character for which you will play. In total, you will have access to twelve heroes. You can also select a question mark icon and the game will automatically select your character. Now you can safely enter the game! Three more cool characters will play with you. Nickelodeon Block Party 2 is a game in which all players will play in turn. To determine the number of moves, you need to roll the die and go through exactly as many marks as there will be on it.

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