Back to School Search

Welcome to Nickelodeon universe. Here you will find fun adventures and slot machines lessons. Want to have some fun and take a break from idleness? Then, Welcome in Back to School Search game. Here you will find school lessons, where you don’t need to learn, and you just need to demonstrate their powers of observation and search ability.

Now we will look for items together with amusing characters favorite serials and cartoons: Mega optimistic SpongeBob, resourceful and super active Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks, cool heroine Phoebe Thunderman from The Thundermans, curious and savvy guy named Lincoln Loud from cartoon The Loud House, cool girls Babe and Kenzie from Game Shakers as well, fearless little rocker Tomika from The School of Rock. Now you go to a class to each of our heroes and will look for items. Carefully review the list of items that you want to find, and find them in the game Panel. The sooner you do, the better. Have fun and good luck!

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