The Loud House: Ace Savvy on the Case

The Loud House is never boring! Girls constantly work miracles, and Lincoln does not lag behind them. Although, in truth, surpassing the antics of ten girls is a rather difficult task.

In The Loud House: Ace Savvy on the Case game you have to become a real detective and reveal some top-secret affairs. The first step is the problem of the missing sandwich. Carefully inspect the entire room for evidence. As soon as you stumble upon evidence, you will see an icon with a question mark. Click on it and try to solve the problem correctly. During each task, you need to find all the evidence, find the pets of the The Loud House heroes and then you will get a new achievement. It is easy to calculate who is responsible for committing home and school crimes. Sometimes the results are very unexpected, because cute girls and even a school coach can be criminals. It will be very unexpected, but such a golden work always brings great pleasure. Ready to become a real Sherlock Holmes? Then come on for the evidence!

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